Dear Teachers

We hereby announce our resident Adjudicators:

Hip-Hop: Warren Wood

Modern & Tap: Anitra Davel

Ballet:Chanel Gomes

Championship adjudicators will be announced at the commencement of those sections



Please remind your dancers to always be respectful towards other dancers, no matter their age, level or abilities.    Please inform parents that access to the theatre and dressing rooms is not allowed before 8am.

No Aqua'd ballet shoes or tap shoes in the Auditorium.

Please inform your parents of the lack of parking before 4pm.

Please remind parents and dancers that NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (cellphones, tablets, cameras, Ipods etc) are to be used in the Auditorium, and NO RECORDINGS allowed.

PLEASE warn parents and children not to insert fingers into the sides of Auditorium seats. Fingers have been severed due to this.

Remind Improvisation dancers that no hands, feet or any other body parts are to be placed against the cyclorama (white back wall) – THIS RULE IS VALID FOR ALL ITEMS

The use of OPEN FLAMES, HELIUM or loose BALLOONS and any substance that litters the floor (i.e. flour, sugar, powder, etc.) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED


Dressing rooms:

Allocations will be marked on the dressing room doors, but feel free to move around and please accommodate others. Black bags included with the programmes and nametags (for bigger studios) are for the dressing rooms in the event of an overflow of the rubbish bins. Please bring them along.

Some dressing rooms do not have costume rails, tables or mirrors – please bring your own


Lighting can only be plotted during rehearsals, and are only available for:

Productions:  Unlimited  

Character, Demi-Character and Musical Theatre Groups:  5 cues

All other Groups: 3 cues

DTQ’s: 3 cues  

Solos: No Cues

Championships solos may however request blackouts or fade to black, as well as a background color.



Another reminder that nobody is allowed in the Auditorium or Prop room during rehearsals.  

Bring your own Music and Sound Equipment – also bring your Set solo music.  

Please do not go backstage until the start your rehearsals – kindly wait in the dressing rooms.

PLEASE remember to bring a printed copy of your lighting cues, as per the “Lighting and Rehearsals” document.



Please remember to cue the backstage staff as to whether your music should start before the tabs open, or vice versa.

CD’s should be burnt in the running order of the Eisteddfod, preferably not more than 10 tracks per CD, and handed in backstage at least one session before.

PLEASE mark all CD’s and tracks clearly. Audio CD format, not MP3. PLEASE test your CD's in a regular CD player - not a PC or laptop, to be sure it is indeed burnt in Audio format

PLEASE check your music for profanity, swearing, blasphemy, racism, themes inappropriate for younger audience (drugs, alcohol etc.)

The Sound Operator will not fade any music.  

Please have a back-up CD AND music on a USB drive.

Only certain sections’ titles will be announced – please refer to “Announcing of Sections” document on the web


Please forward to parents:

**Parents Guidelines

**School letter


Theatre Address

287 Nana Sita St, PTA CBD


Prize-winners will be posted on the website, and please check your programme for times of Championships Results and awards. Teachers of dancers who cannot be present may collect any awards afterwards.  Dates and times for collection of Group, DTQ and Adjudicator’s choice awards will be communicated.